Further, Together

What if?

This is a question we’ve asked ourselves over and over. It’s how we at Medtronic have made hearts beat stronger and longer. It’s how we’ve pushed the limits of what technology can do in and for the body. It’s how we will continue to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life.

Further, Together - improve the lives of patients together

But what if we could do more?

What if we could help remove the barriers to care worldwide?

What if we could partner across the broader healthcare system to help solve healthcare’s biggest challenges?

Rising costs, an aging population, and the burden of chronic disease impact us all. And no single entity in the healthcare system can solve these challenges alone. That’s why we’re stepping forward. That’s why we’re prepared to put the full power of our technologies, services, resources — and our people — to work with new partners, in new ways, to usher in a new era in healthcare.

Meaningful innovations. Better patient outcomes. Quality, coordinated care.

It’s possible.

Let’s take healthcare Further, Together.

Last updated: 18 December 2015

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